The reason that feminists find True Detective unpalatable is because it is…and therein lies its brilliance; a refusal to entertain politically correct propaganda and an unequivocal adherence to a realistic portrayal of the ugly offspring of misogynism, patriarchy, violence and religion. True Detective Season 1: Opening Credits (HBO) YouTube Every now and then a television show comes along […]

As parents, we worry about our children’s safety and warn them about ‘stranger danger’, but we rarely recognise or acknowledge the fact that paedophiles and abusers in general are statistically more likely to be someone familiar. A few months ago my daughter was asked to talk about her favourite book at school; easy I thought, we’ve […]

As I perused the room of indie authors and pondered my literary preferences, a moment of clarity filtered through the girly giggles and I realised that the real source of my adoration for literary fiction extended beyond that of educated reading – it inspired me to be a better writer. If you handed me a […]


Ready, Aim, Speak. I’m an opinionated woman who fires words at point blank range. I use the word ‘woman’ loosely. Not in terms of gender, but stereotypes. By stereotype, I mean intellectually vacant, ‘genderdized’, happy-to-be-the-weaker-sex, diamond-obsessed, gossip-and-romance-reading, shoe-shopaholic, designer-fashion-over-compassion-kind-of-mentality women. This Point Blank Woman is the antithesis of that ubiquitous female-stereotype. My fictional doppelgänger would be […]